Owner Story:

Hello, my name is Marek. I am the owner of SecondSpinDisk, LLC online store. I came here, to the United States originally from Poland, when I was 19 years old, with my family to find a better life and search for better opportunities. I would like to share with you my story of how I opened this store. Coming to the United States, without knowing any English whatsoever, I decided to go to college and learn the English language and familiarize myself with the American culture. As most students in college, I was working various jobs to support my tuition. I was studying engineering and September 2015, was my last final year of completing my four year bachelor's degree. As my last year of college went by, I began thinking and started becoming more and more interested in selling all my engineering college textbooks. While researching how to sell my textbooks, I quit my full time engineering job after three years and came across an opportunity that I couldn’t turn away. I moved forward to a side hustle selling books, CDs, and DVDs on platforms such as Amazon and eBay. As a result, I became a full time seller. In 2018, we opened this family business officially. We operate from a small warehouse in New Britain, Connecticut. Our selling team consists of my mom Edyta, my dad Marian, my brothers Lukasz, Radek, Kris and my girlfriend Victoria. I couldn’t have done this without their help and support. We also support local college students looking for a job, offering them flexible days and hours to work with us. As of 2021, we sold a few million pre-owned CDs and DVDs to thousands of our customers. We sell mostly pre-owned media with extremely affordable prices. Before shipping our media we clean the item, resurface it, and nicely package it. Our main form of shipping is USPS media mail but we also offer expedited shipping for those customers that would like it. We have over 60,000 different titles on our website. Most of our sales come from eBay and Amazon (you can find us on these platforms under the same name SecondSpinDisk). If you are new to our family - welcome and enjoy searching for treasures within our media listed. If you are a current customer - thank you for being with us and supporting us. Thank you, Marek - Owner SecondSpinDisk, LLC